What is the process to receive packages at A&C Pack and Ship?

The process starts by completing a U.S Postal Form 1583, providing 2 proofs of identification, selecting a package from our website, and last, start using the address 1400 W. Lombard STE #A Baltimore, MD 21223 to receive packages.

Can I receive packages without a U.S Postal Form 1583 if I only receive Amazon?

No, this form must be completed to participate in A&C Pack and Ship’s package receiving program.

Which carriers can I receive packages from under the package receiving program?

We accept packages from all carriers up to 150 pounds. Packages larger than locker sizes are stored in rear and must be picked up Monday - Friday 4-7pm. Customers are notified when packages are larger than the lockers for need to collect during the above time. This notification will need to be accepted via text message and opted in to start receiving messages.

How long do customers have to pick up packages?

Packages stored in A&C’s automated lockers have a 48 hour pick up time before the package is rotated to our storage. The time starts at the time the customer is notified of the package arrival via email or text. Once in storage, a call will need to be placed to 667-930-3114 to have package (s) returned to automated lockers. This return will generate a new notification to the customer and reduces the number of packages purchased. The 48-hour window will start all over. After the 5th day the packages are returned to our storage and each package will occur a 0.15 cent storage charge per day until pickup. Day 5 all packages will incur the storage fee, whether placed back in the lockers or not.

How will a customer know a package has arrived ?

Customer's have the option of receiving email or text notifications that a package has arrived at our location.

If I am looking for something specific, how will I know which package arrived in the automated lockers?

Our automated package arrival notices contain the tracking information of the shipping carrier for your package.


How does the 24/7 Access Program work?

It is a paid service for our in-house customers only. It starts by completing a U.S Postal Form 1583 and selecting a package that includes the service. When packages arrive for you, you are notified via email or text message with a door access link and a code to a box where your package is secured.

Can I allow someone else to use my access to enter location?

You do so at your own risk. All access codes are tracked and monitored for the safety of the building and all customers. Each user is responsible for the access given. Infractions can result in termination of services without refund. In this, if someone else needs to pick up a package for you, please let us know so that we can generate an access code for your guest.

I have home based business how will the BOPIS program work for me?

The BOPIS program (Buy online, pick up in Store) allows your customers to order online and pick up their orders in our automated lockers. The program gives the customer two 24-hour days to pick up the item. BOPIS helps small businesses reduce shipping expenses and expand their reach to customers outside of the location’s business hours.

How will customers receive notifications that packages have arrived?

Customer's have the option of receiving email or text notifications that a package has arrived at our location.

What will be the staffed hours at this location for Phase 1?

4pm-7 pm Monday- Friday only. Closed all Federal Holidays.

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Will this location continue to do notary services?

Yes, online and by appointment only.

I already have an account with A&C, what happens when the transition occurs?

Your account is moved over to a plan, and you will receive a link to access door and packages as these arrive.

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